My release on With Compliments

So happy about this release. And thanks a lot to my friends Denis Horvat + Pele & Nico Stojan for the great remixes.

MANTU Wooden Shape Cover

MANTU Wooden Shape Cover

Following up the outstanding debut release by RCNE, label head Mantu gives a slice of his talent to get things started right with his newest project With Compliments. ‘Wooden Shape’ starts off with a melodic sub-bass, little tweaks and twirls and a bouncing bass pattern that will cause for all hands to fly up. Moodyman-like vocals snippets commentate a funky synth puzzle, building up in speed and leading right into a finishing break full of bits and breaks. Pele and Nico Stojan take up the velocity of the original, adding some extra percussive elements while building around the same goal: Getting things pumped up! A twirling acid-ish synth addition gets things a bit more dark and dirty. Last but not least comes the eclectic-experimental approach of Get Physical associate and up and coming producer Denis Horvat – a laid back, minimalistic version, shaping into a pulsing sound scape. Based on a crescive bass-synth combination, with echoey punches and nobs here and there, this is a mood builder screaming for the early hours.



Two releases in a row

Proud to have those two releases in a row this month.

Please check them out. You can buy them on Beatport right now:


MANTU – Artbridge Remixes  – Get Physical Music  (Beatport)


Get Physical Music family member MANTU has his ‘Artbridge’ EP revived with two new remixes. Originally released in December 2013 with remixes from Phillip Bader and Habischman, the new EP boasts reworks from Cozzy D and German Brigante. First up we have German Brigante with a wicked breakbeat style remix. The breakbeat drumwork accompanied with the deep, stretched out synth makes for a dangerous track. Next is Cozzy D with an atmospheric rework of the track, clearly aimed at late night dancefloors. It has crisp percussion, thumping kicks and long build ups, enough to get any crowd moving.




MANTU – Fever Rhapsody – Kindisch (Beatport)

Cover MANTU Fever Rhapsody Kindisch

I´m working on a vocal edit right now and here is a prelistening of it:

MANTU makes his debut on Kindisch with the ‘Fever Rhapsody’ EP, including a remix from Kindisch regulars, Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler. MANTU’s original mix of ‘Fever Rhapsody’ begins slowly, with more and more percussion and bass being added as the track grows, providing a lengthy build up. Gradually, the elements begin to come together alongside a euphoric synth, and up the tempo of the track. This is a great late night tune that would create tension and take any dancefloor by storm. Next up we have Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler with their take on the track. They remix gets straight into it, and with full intension the strong kick drums and percussive elements do what they are designed to do; make you move. The track doesnt take too much away from the original as many remixes do, a great addition to the EP!