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Manuel Overbeck
Wichertstraße 39
10439 Berlin


Telefon: 01723938451
E-Mail: manuel.overbeck at

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Manuel Overbeck
Wichertstrasse 39
10439 Berlin



Haftungsausschluss (Disclaimer)

Haftung für Inhalte

Als Diensteanbieter sind wir gemäß § 7 Abs.1 TMG für eigene Inhalte auf diesen Seiten nach den allgemeinen Gesetzen verantwortlich. Nach §§ 8 bis 10 TMG sind wir als Diensteanbieter jedoch nicht verpflichtet, übermittelte oder gespeicherte fremde Informationen zu überwachen oder nach Umständen zu forschen, die auf eine rechtswidrige Tätigkeit hinweisen. Verpflichtungen zur Entfernung oder Sperrung der Nutzung von Informationen nach den allgemeinen Gesetzen bleiben hiervon unberührt. Eine diesbezügliche Haftung ist jedoch erst ab dem Zeitpunkt der Kenntnis einer konkreten Rechtsverletzung möglich. Bei Bekanntwerden von entsprechenden Rechtsverletzungen werden wir diese Inhalte umgehend entfernen.

Haftung für Links

Unser Angebot enthält Links zu externen Webseiten Dritter, auf deren Inhalte wir keinen Einfluss haben. Deshalb können wir für diese fremden Inhalte auch keine Gewähr übernehmen. Für die Inhalte der verlinkten Seiten ist stets der jeweilige Anbieter oder Betreiber der Seiten verantwortlich. Die verlinkten Seiten wurden zum Zeitpunkt der Verlinkung auf mögliche Rechtsverstöße überprüft. Rechtswidrige Inhalte waren zum Zeitpunkt der Verlinkung nicht erkennbar. Eine permanente inhaltliche Kontrolle der verlinkten Seiten ist jedoch ohne konkrete Anhaltspunkte einer Rechtsverletzung nicht zumutbar. Bei Bekanntwerden von Rechtsverletzungen werden wir derartige Links umgehend entfernen.


Die durch die Seitenbetreiber erstellten Inhalte und Werke auf diesen Seiten unterliegen dem deutschen Urheberrecht. Die Vervielfältigung, Bearbeitung, Verbreitung und jede Art der Verwertung außerhalb der Grenzen des Urheberrechtes bedürfen der schriftlichen Zustimmung des jeweiligen Autors bzw. Erstellers. Downloads und Kopien dieser Seite sind nur für den privaten, nicht kommerziellen Gebrauch gestattet. Soweit die Inhalte auf dieser Seite nicht vom Betreiber erstellt wurden, werden die Urheberrechte Dritter beachtet. Insbesondere werden Inhalte Dritter als solche gekennzeichnet. Sollten Sie trotzdem auf eine Urheberrechtsverletzung aufmerksam werden, bitten wir um einen entsprechenden Hinweis. Bei Bekanntwerden von Rechtsverletzungen werden wir derartige Inhalte umgehend entfernen.

(1) All conclusions of contracts, deliveries and other services rendered by „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“ are solely based on the following General Terms and Conditions and in the version that was in effect at the time when the respective service was rendered.

(2) Different provisions shall only apply if confirmed by „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“ in writing.


(1) Any offers made on the internet sites of „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“ are legally non-binding invitations to the customer to order goods or to acquire musical recordings in a non-physical format (download).

(2) Ordering goods or downloading musical content is performed by filling out and returning the online form on „Manuel MANTU Overbeck’S“ website either via e-mail or via telefax, telephone or regular mail. By placing such order, the customer committs himself to conclude a legally binding contract of purchase and, furthermore, confirms he is of full age and of full legal capacity. „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“ is not obliged to accept the order made by the customer. Confirming the receipt of such an order does not constitute an acceptance of customer’s offer.

(3) The acceptance of an offer by „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“ is effected by sending a fulfilment confirmation, by transferring an internet link or by sending the goods ordered to the customer, respectively (whatever applicable). Said fulfilment confirmation (if any) shall be sent via e-mail.


(1) All prices mentioned on our websites are inclusive statutory VAT and exclusive of costs for packaging and shipment. 


Payments have to be made upfront and either through credit card of per PayPal. In case of an inadequate account coverage, Manuel MANTU Overbeck is entitled to retreat from the contract.


(1) The shipment shall be performed by delivery to the address as indicated by the customer.

(2) Any information about delivery dates are non-committal unless a fixed date for delivery has been agreed and confirmed in writing by Manuel MANTU Overbeck.

(3) Delivery can only be made as long as Manuel MANTU Overbeck’S stock shall last. In case goods ordered by the customer are not available, payments already made towards or regarding such order shall be reimbursed immediately by Manuel MANTU Overbeck. Except for such reimbursement, customer shall have no further claims against Manuel MANTU Overbeck unless the non-delivery is based on grossly negligent or intentional behaviour by Manuel MANTU Overbeck.

(4) In case of a delay or an impossibility in delivery where the reasons are within the responsibility of Manuel MANTU Overbeck, Manuel MANTU Overbeck shall be held liable unless such reasons cannot be attributed to intent or gross negligence.


Customer is obliged to report transport damages immediately to the supplier and to Manuel MANTU Overbeck. In case of obvious damages of the packaging, customer has to refuse the receipt of the goods in order to preserve evidence.


(1) Until the amount due shall be fully paid to Manuel MANTU Overbeck, the ordered goods shall remain the sole property of „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“.

(2) Reselling, renting, pledging, security transfer, processing, remodelling or other provisions are not permitted prior to the transfer of property without the expressive prior consent of „Manuel MANTU Overbeck“.


(1) Claims of the customer against Manuel MANTU Overbeck in case of defects shall be in compliance with the statutory legal provisions and terms (i.e. according to the German Civil Code, „BGB“) unless otherwise regulated in the following clauses. Currently, the statutory period of limitation is two years and starts with the receipt of the goods.

(2) Customer is not allowed to assign any rights for warranty of defects to third parties.

(3) Damages which are caused by improper or not contractual actions by the customer or during set up, installation, operation or storing of the goods shall not establish any claims against Manuel MANTU Overbeck.

(4) If customer purchases a used good his claims in case of defects shall expire within 1 (one) year after receipt of the good.

(5) In case the customer is an independent contractor and the ordered goods or services are intended for his business, the subsequent right for warranty of defects shall expire within 1 (one) year after receipt of the goods or services.

(6) Unless not agreed otherwise hereunder, any further claims of the customer, regardless of the cause in law, are excluded. This applies explicitly to additional damages caused by defects, loss of profit or other financial damages of the customer. The limitation of liability shall not apply if the reason for the damage is based on intention or gross negligence and in case of a personal / bodily injury. In case of gross negligence regarding a major contractual duty, the compensation shall be limited to the damage that would characteristically have incurred.

(7) Aforementioned restrictions to the contractual liablity shall also apply regarding the personal liability of employees, agents and/or servants of Manuel MANTU Overbeck.


(1) Manuel MANTU Overbeck grants to customer the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the purchased audio and audio-visual content without any restrictions as to time, but for private purposes only.

(2) Customer is permitted to store and multiply the purchased audio and audio-visual content on the hard disk of his computer.

(3) Any other (especially commercial) usage of the purchased audio and audio-visual content is explicitly prohibited. This applies in particular to the modification, the commercial distribution or other ways of selling.

(4) Any multiplication is only permitted within the relevant legal provisions, especially under adherence of the related copyrights and the regulations of the German Copyright Law (UrhG).


(1) Customer is not entitled to set-off his own claims against any pecuniary claims of Manuel MANTU Overbeck unless such claims are undisputed and legally ascertained by a judgement of a court in the applicable jurisdiction.

(2) Customer is not entitled to counter pecuniary claims of Manuel MANTU Overbeck with rights of retention (e.g. from notices of defect) unless they result from the identical contractual relationship.


(1) If a provision of these General Terms And Conditions, wholly or partly, becomes invalid, the remaining provisions remain unaffected thereby. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision that comes closest to the initial economical purpose of the invalid provision.

(2) In case the customer is a merchant under applicable German trade law, a legal person under public law or a special fund under public law, Berlin shall be the exclusive jurisdiction over any controversies arising directly or indirectly from the relevant contractual relationship. The same applies in case a customer does not have a place of general jurisdiction in Germany, transfers his domicile or usual place of residence abroad after conclusion of the contract or in case his domicile or usual place of residence unknown when a lawsuit is being filed.


The conclusion and execution of all contracts shall be construed under the laws of Germany. The Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the Conflict Rules of the International Privacy Law are excluded.



Manuel MANTU Overbeck is obliged to protect the privacy of the customer and to treat all personal data confidential and on the basis of the relevant statutory legal provisions.


Manuel MANTU Overbeck automatically collects and stores in its Server Log Files information which is transferred to us from your browser, consisting in particular of:

Browser type and browser version

Time of the server request

Referrer URL (previously visited site)

Operating system in use

Hostname of the accessing computer (IP address)

Manuel MANTU Overbeck cannot attribute such data to any particular person. No combination of the data with other data sources will be undertaken. Furthermore, the data will be deleted after statistical analysis.


Our Internet pages use so-called „Cookies“ in various areas. These cookies serve to make our offer more user friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text data files which are placed on your computer and stored in your browser. Most of the Cookies used by us are so-called „Session Cookies“ which will be automatically deleted after the end of your visit to our web site. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses.


If you would like to receive the newsletter offered on our website we need your current e-mail-address as well as additional information which enable us either to verify that you are indeed the owner of this e-mail address or to clarify that the owner of said e-mail address has agreed to receive the newsletter. No further data will be collected. You may revoke your agreement to store above data, the e-mail address and its usage to send you the newsletter at any time.


At any time you have the right to be informed about the data stored with regard to your person, the source and the recipients as well as the reason for their storage. Information about such stored data will be provided by Manuel MANTU Overbeck’s Data Protection Official. (


Your confidence is important to us. Therefore, with regard to the processing of your personal data we will remain honest and available to you at all times. If you have any questions which cannot be answered by this data protection declaration or if you require more detailed information on any particular subject, please contact Manuel MANTU Overbeck’s Data Protection Official. (

Manuel MANTU Overbeck

Wichertstrasse 39

10439 Berlin

manuel.overbeck at

+49 172 3938451


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