Nick Galemore & Mr. Meen

Call The Cops II – A looong night to remember – Event Feedbacks & Review


Call The Cops Vol. II – This was the second party, in Berlin´s deep secret – Loftus Hall. Again the international line-up managed to destroy the dancefloor and make everyone sweat. It was insane!

Nick Galemore & Mr. MEEN opened the night with a sensational warm up debut set, creating the mood for MANTU, who absolutely killed it with a peak time vibe – but this was only the beginning! SIOPIS followed and proved his skills with a deep techno set at 3 AM, presenting and testing his upcoming Get Physical release. Holding the deep night was Alex Dimou kicking it up another notch and satisfying a packed dancefloor. Everyone was on their feet and on the floor, as you remember, it was pretty heavy stuff! With guests arriving well beyond 5 AM, the energy was riding so high the last few veterans had to be chased out with a broom!

The Call The Cops crew are really glad everybody came out (and if you didn’t well, looks like you missed out)! They look forward to seeing you again at CALL THE COPS VOL. III – stay tuned for more info!

You can see our actual pictures here, there will be some more uploaded this week. So check in again:


Some Impressions:

Loftus Hall Bar Call The Cops II

Alex Dimou Call The Cops II Loftus Hall

Running Order Call The Cops II Loftus Hall

MANTU Call The Cops II Loftus Hall

SIOPIS & MANTU Call The Cops II Loftus Hall

The Flyer:

Call The Cops II (#2) Flyer Front

Call The Cops Facebook


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