Call The Cops! Event in Berlin

Together with Nick and Edouard I´m planning a new event series. Upcoming underground artits, cool venues and a unanounced guest.

Line-up /

Mantu (Get Physical)
Smash TV (Get Physical/B-Pitch)
Tobias Gullberg (Crime City Disco)
Dorisburg (live) (Aniara Recordings)
& Special Guest

Promoter /


Call The Cops!
23.06. at LOFTUS HALL
21:00-09:00It’s June (almost), the height of summer and the best nights of the year. We want to take this opportunity to enjoy great music in a wonderful venue, so we invite you at Loftus Hall to come by for a drink. A decent selection of Stockholm/Detroit/Berlin Underground House/Techno for the neighbours to hear.
We’ll open the doors at 21:00 for a relaxed intro into the evening, come by for a drink and mingle. At 23:00 Get Physical’s MANTU opens the evening, followed by Tobias Gullberg of Crime City Disco. Sweden’s Dorisburg (Aniara) joins us next, playing a Live show; followed by our Special Guest with a Detroit Techno Vinyl dj set. Smash TV (Get Physical / B-Pitch) will take over after that. Bring your friends, have a drink, let loose.If you don’t like it, call the cops.
– Edouard, Nick, MantuMANTU
Berlin based half Indonesian half German deejay and producer. Labelhead of Get Physical Music since 2011. Released some strong tech house tunes the last years on different German house labels and promoted clubs and events in Berlin’s underground scene. He´s known for his energetic and groovy dj sets.

Founder of the DIY vinyl-only-house-label Crime City Disco in Berlin, Tobias has established himself as a serious music entity. Coming from Malmoe, Sweden, Tobias has gained insight in the house and deep house music scenes over the years. Moving to Berlin, Tobias has played in many venues, including About Blank and Wilde Renate consistently providing a great evening with great sound.

Friend with, and coming from the same city as Tobias, Dorisburg will bring his straight & deep tech house live sound to Loftus Hall. His latest productions include a remix for the “Jonsson/Alter – Mod Mixes” on Kontra Musik and the melodic, progressive and cerebral “Tundra” EP on his own label Aniara Recordings. Those who have already seen him play live will attest, (playing to a packed Loftus Hall and Renate earlier this year) Dorisburg is a must see.

The name Smash TV rings bells internationally. Like a phoenix off the ashtray, Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner are back to bond their knowhow and skills, always burning the candle at both ends… For Holger and Kai, music is not just about the dancefloor, it’s a way of life and a means of communication on a deep emotional level. This becomes apparent on their latest releases “Matthew Pervert” and “Please” out in April 2012 on Get Physical, as well as in their live- & dj-sets, which achieved them the reputation of being the “last men standing”.

And don´t forget our special guest, who we`re not allowed to announce right now, but he will bring us a fine Detroit Techno Vinyl dj set.

So, see you on Saturday the 23.06. at Loftus Hall and don´t Call The Cops!

Maybachufer 48, Berlin

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