Buddies – Kid Bliss

This time I show you a new talent, that just right now released his first productions at Get Physical.



Which city/country  are you based right now?

Beirut/ Lebanon



What`s your actual favorite track in your dj set?



Whats your upcoming release?



More Info:




He’s been pretty notorious on the streets of Beirut ever since he left his hometown. The DJ from Amsterdam, better known as Kid Bliss, has stenciled his name in bold letters in this city’s emerging underground scene. For the six years past Kid Bliss has turned the tables at many infamous clubs in Beirut. And he’s held long-standing residencies at some of the city’s most socially unacceptable parties. Making waves from his home-studio, this Dutch kid knows that in this proliferating industry one must always keep them coming, hard and edgy. Though he chooses to remain in based in Beirut, he intends to make his sound resonate well around.

Much has been said about the identity of one of our resident dj’s: Romax aka Kid Bliss. It is true, Romax is in fact Dutch. He hails from the Netherlands. To a lot of us the Netherlands represents a modern Eldorado of sorts; a haven for those of us part of the Green movement and no strangers to pursuing sex and/or justice. As such, we are proud to present to you our very own slice of Eldorado; our carrier of tolerance as he pleases all and leaves no taste ignored. Tolerance is an important concept to the Dutch, and with his music Romax is an equipped ambassador. Romax, we applaud you. And tonight we will join you.






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